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Puspa has been providing varieties of uniquely shaped and authentic looking planter bags, known as Grow Bags made of Jute for growing natural, full-flavored vegetables, salads and fruits. The company is one of the leading Jute Bags producer and exporter from Kolkata India.

The products known as Grow Bag are self-contained planters. These products are filled with specially blended compost for growing vegetables, flowers. The unique shape paves for deeper root establishment. Besides, scope for better retention of water is also provided with.

Benefits for using a Grow Bag:
These products are of two varieties. One helps to breed fruits and another variety helps to cultivate vegetables. These bags are made for comfortable use and are ready for starting plantation. The planting can be done straight into the bags. These products are available in larger shape that allows for deeper root growth. There is provision for a perfect air-water balance that makes way for strong root growth. Watering is also made easy with the larger space within the bags.

There are provisions for immediate nutrition in these Grow Bags for the first six weeks and the bags retain moisture. The tests have shown better results for production as compared to the peat-based alternatives. The composts are seen to be more organic and with reduced level of peat. The composts are seen to have no added chemicals and are covered with sustainably sourced materials.
All the interested parties are encouraged to file their requirements through online and book their order accordingly.