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Why jute bags and cotton bags are the best alternative of plastic bags

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Use of Plastic Bags has now become a global issue due to its negative impact on the environment. Thus, it has become an agenda to find a suitable alternative of Plastic Bags. The Plastic Bags are non-biodegradable and take centuries for complete disintegration. Thus, if plastic bags are in continuous use, it will ruin down the environment and cause numerous social and natural hazards. So, we will have to find out a product that is biodegradable and pose no threat to the nature at large.

Jute and cotton is such a product which is strong and stout and fully biodegradable. Besides, these products are attractive to look at and durable. Being biodegradable, this natural product poses no threat to the environment.

In what way the Jute and cotton and cotton is considered as best alternative to Plastic

Plastic has occupied a monumental place on the earth. It does not break down easily and takes hundreds of years for complete decomposition. Thus, it poses huge threat to the environment. From an awareness awakening, many countries have already banned its uses. Departmental stores are asked to levy charges on plastic carry bags. Besides, various awareness campaigns are organized against usage of this product among people.

Looking for an alternative, various means have been resorted like paper, jute, cloth so on. Use of paper as alternative did not seem to be a good idea, as trees get cut down in getting tissues for paper.  Used paper though, can be used in making bag and cups. But this medium could not gain popularity, which was possible for Jute and cotton. Jute and cotton is one of the most eco-friendly and bio-degradable fiber available. It grows in many countries, though the main areas of production are South-Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, China and Myanmar. Though a bit costlier than paper, the best thing about Jute and cotton is that it is a sturdy fiber that does not tear easily. It is highly reusable, more than even cloth. A high percentage among the cultivator in Bangladesh and India are dependent entirely on the production and selling of Jute and cotton. Thus, with a single purchase of Jute and cotton product, it will mean stabilization of that person’s earning. Moreover, Jute and cotton  craftsmen are also benefitted from this attempt. Our State organize Jute and cotton Fairs where all the Jute and cotton including Jute Bags, cotton bags, Mobile Bags, carpets, sandals, mats, pencil bags and various handicrafts are offered at the most reasonable cost.

In this section, Plastic lags far behind than Jute and cotton. For all these reasons, Jute and cotton has become as a best alternative for plastic.

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