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Puspa Jute Bags is one of the topmost Jute and Cotton Bags manufacturer and Exporter in India. It has put stresses on producing best quality shopping, promotional and non-woven bags. These products have been able to find their market all around the globe. These bags have been made as per customized needs and demands of the customers. These products are made by anticipating the demand of the generations to come. The honestly observed principles and faith on ethical ideologies has put Puspa placed ideally as a model to be followed.

Eco-friendly Bags: All the bags made by Puspa Jute Bags are either from Jute or from Cotton and Canvas. Both Jute and Cotton/Canvas are natural fabric and thus eco-friendly. The products are both Bio-degradable and reusable. The bags are durable and this enduring property has made them a resilient alternative to plastic. Plastic or Polypropylene is a Ptrochemical by-product which can’t be decomposed from any sort of natural effect that includes air, climate, moisture or soil. These bags, besides bearing eco-friendly nature, are available in different colors, fabulous designs and customizable sizes.

Beach Bags: These bags have international demand. Being one of the leading exporters of Jute and canvas bags, Puspa is catering these products as per demand. These bags are used as an accessory during small trips to sea. They are mostly look alike portable travel bags. Though they are normally larger than fashionable jute bags, but they are strived to look fashionable and trendy all the time. These products are constructed from cotton canvas but jute also stands in a vertical position. Strength is being induced with application of rip-resistant bottom and handles. These bags can also be used as Office Bag, school bag, carrier of gym kits and even as fashion accessory. Its light-weight and sturdiness has made them an unique solution for carriage.

Cotton Bags: Puspa Jute Bags is among the renowned Cotton and Canvas bags manufacturer and exporter. It has fame over dealing with an assortment of variety of cotton bags. These bags, though mainly used within country, but export demand are also there. Cotton, like Jute, is a natural fiber that has occupied a considerable share in markets in forms of various products including bags. These bags are made from fabric that are light-weight and powerful. Cotton is an eco-friendly product too and this is its hue for getting popularized with time.

Fashionable Non-woven bags: These bags are made from staple fiber fabrics. Mechanical or solvent treatments are used to bond together the short and continuously long fibers. The final fabric thus become neither woven, nor knitted ones, called non-woven. These bags have come along with a host of benefits. They are fully recyclable and Bio-degradable. They are most usable, made in trendy fashionable designs. They are repellant to liquid also. They are known for their Air-permeability too. You will get these bags while shopping in departmental stores as a fashionable carrier. They are made so fashionable these days so as to be used as promotional bags too. Their light-weight and sturdiness also added to their popularity. These bags have both inland and international demands. Puspa Jute bags, being an international catering company to bags, get sufficient queries for bulk orders from abroad.

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